Key documentation can be found here: Conditions of Use Agreement and Access Policy.

Ethics Approval

Register4 requires researchers to have ethics approval for the project, including the specific methods that will apply to Register4 members. We require evidence of HREC approval and also the HREC application documents showing the approved methods.

Register4 asks researchers to return participation information to us. This may require an amendment to your ethics approval. Register4 can assist researchers with this step to simplify the process.


Register4 requires researchers to show evidence of adequate funding for the proposed research.

Peer Review

All projects must be peer reviewed by a Tier 1 Peer Review Committee before the application for access can proceed to the Access Committee for assessment.

Independent Access Committee

The Access Committee conducts a review of the application. When a quorum is reached the project is deemed approved.

Conditions of Use Agreement

Once a project is approved, researchers are asked to sign the conditions of use agreement. We have included a link to this agreement at the top of this page.

Recruitment Process

Register4 staff will prepare the documentation to be sent to members and to be published on the Register4 website. We will confirm with the researcher that all details are correct prior to emailing the invitation to members and prior to publishing on the website.

Register4 will collate the expressions of interest made by our members and we will send a spreadsheet with their details to the researcher on a periodic basis. Transfer of spreadsheets between Register4 and researchers must be password protected for member privacy.

Monitoring Responsibilities

Researchers are required to report to Register4 any issues of an ethical nature that have arisen through the conduct of their study that may have affected a Register4 member. We also require the researcher to complete an annual report to update us on the progress of their research.

Once the project has been completed, researchers will be required to share the relevant summary information with the Register4 community so that our members can understand how they have contributed to cancer research results. 

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 1800 882 844 and we’ll help you through the process.