Project ID: 2018_011_TEE_01

About the project

Early menopause (EM) affects up to 10% of women under 45 years. Women with EM have reported difficulty communicating with clinicians during clinical consultations and have unmet information needs and limited access to information about osteoporosis.

An EM website was developed with input from women with EM and health professionals. This project evaluated whether the new EM website was useful and more helpful than what is currently available.

What were the results of this project?

Link: Evaluating Early Menopause Consumer Resources Results Publication

Link: Evaluating Early Menopause Video Summary

These results were published in Menopause - The Journal of The North American Menopause Society


The researcher: Professor Helena Teede

Professor Helena Teede is an endocrinologist with a focus on women’s metabolic and reproductive health and obesity, and the Director of the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation. Professor Teede’s research interests include women’s health across the lifespan, PCOS, pregnancy, healthy lifestyle, and menopause across diverse methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, large scale epidemiological, clinical, health services, and public health research).