Project ID: 2021_008_SHJ_01


This study aimed to seek feedback on the content and format of an information booklet that provides information to cancer patients about treatment options for anxiety and/or depression, outlines the potential advantages and disadvantages of those different options, and helps patients to consider their values in making treatment decisions.  This information booklet is known as a patient decision aid (PDA).

Twenty-one people (five males, 16 females) with an experience of cancer participated in a qualitative interview via Zoom and provided feedback on the clarity, ease of use, and perceived usefulness of the PDA.  

Feedback from participants confirmed the PDA provided relevant and balanced information about what anxiety and depression are, when treatment might be helpful, and the advantages and disadvantages of different treatment options.  The information provided was perceived as clear, simple, and easy to understand although the meaning of some terminology was queried.  Most participants described the PDA as well laid out and font size, colours, and images were acceptable to most participants.  The values clarification exercise (VCE) worksheets were generally perceived as useful, although some participants found them difficult to complete.  In response to early feedback, an alternative format was presented.  This version was perceived as easier to use.  The feedback provided by participants was incorporated into a revised PDA. 

The research team thank participants for their time and valuable feedback 

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This project aimed to develop an information booklet for cancer patients known as a Patient Decision Aid.