Research Results

Below is a list of projects for which we have resceived results information from the researcher. The 'Find out more' link will take you to a results summary with links to any relevant publications.

Evaluating Early Menopause Consumer Resources Results Publication

This project evaluated whether the new EM website was useful and more helpful than what is currently available.

Making Decisions about Psycho-oncology Treatment Options – Patient Decision Aid Development

This project aimed to develop an information booklet for cancer patients known as a Patient Decision Aid.

Breast Cancer Survivorship Narratives and Psychological Well-being Results

This research project was interested in the ways breast cancer survivors’ talk and write about their experience of cancer and how this is related to current levels of psychological well-being (specifically, depression, anxiety, stress, fear of cancer recurrence, and satisfaction with life).

Care Assist Results

This project will gather information to guide the development of an online supporter training intervention, Care Assist, specifically designed for male supporters of women with breast cancer.

VACCINE Study Results

This study began in 2011 and aims to determine the effectiveness of the Australian cervical cancer vaccination program. Preliminary results published by the researchers in 2013 showed 'a very low prevalence of vaccine-related HPV genotypes amongst vaccine-eligible women from Victoria, Australia.'