Recently completed projects

Understanding the experiences of people living with cancer and their carers, within the LGBT+ communities

People from lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersex or asexual (LGBT+) communities may experience unique unmet needs during a cancer diagnosis. This project aims to better understand the experiences of people living with cancer and carers within these communities so that more specific support can be provided in future digital health technology programs.

Empowering Cancer Carers

The Empowering Cancer Carers Study is a project evaluating an online training program (eTRIO-pc) which has been designed to help improve the way family/friend carers are involved in cancer care.


This project aims to find out whether mindfulness can help people with breast, prostate or bowel cancer manage their fears and worries once treatment is completed.

Lifepool – Australian women finding answers

Every woman can help support breast cancer research though Lifepool – a project that brings together data from a variety of sources to create a vital resource for research into breast cancer and women’s health.