July 2015

This year’s Oceania Tobacco Control Conference, hosted by Cancer Council WA, will take place in Perth from 20 – 22 October.

A range of bursaries and scholarships is now available to help fund the attendance of those working in tobacco control in the region, who would otherwise be unable to attend.

The event, held over three days, attracts health experts and researchers in the field of smoking and tobacco control across Oceania, and provides the opportunity to meet and explore current issues as well as ideas for the future.

In addition to the primary theme of achievements and aspirations within the tobacco control community, the conference will address areas including, but not limited to:

  • People - those with mental health issues, pregnant women, Indigenous peoples, youth, prisoners and homeless people.
  • Policy - tobacco control advocacy, legislation, regulation, plain packaging, smoke-free areas, second-hand smoke and smoke-drift.
  • Practice - brief intervention, public education/resources, normalisation/denormalisation, Quitlines, cessation methods, GP and health professional practices.
  • Products - plain packaging, graphic warnings, brand variants, nicotine addiction, NRT products, harms from tobacco/nicotine, multiple drug use and chop-chop.
  • Producer - industry promotion and public relations.
  • Price - tobacco taxes and excise, price discounting and duty free cigarettes.
  • Promotion - social marketing, mass media, social media and tobacco retailers.

For details on bursaries and scholarships, visit the conference website.