May 2015

Following TV star Carrie Bickmore’s powerful speech about brain cancer at the Logies, Cancer Council Australia is encouraging Australians to get behind Brain Cancer Action Week (4-8 May). 

Carrie spoke about her late husband’s personal experience with brain cancer and encouraged Australians to help raise awareness by posting photos of themselves in beanies online, using the hashtag #beaniesforbraincancer

Each year, around 1700 Australians are diagnosed with brain cancer, and sadly, approximately 1200 people die from the disease. It is also the leading cancer killer for young people under the age of 39 and children under the age of 10. Compared to other cancers, it also has a relatively low survival rate of just 22 per cent.

As well as funding brain cancer research, Cancer Councils are involved in providing support and information to brain cancer patients. During Brain Cancer Action Week free education and support forums are being held in both Sydney and Melbourne.

For further information on brain cancer please see our website, or call us on 13 11 20.


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