Clive first introduced himself to the Register4 Team in late 2015 when he sent us a moving story about his physical and emotional 'dance' with cancer. His wish is that his story might give hope and inspiration to others touched by cancer.

My Fight/s with Cancer

As a younger man I was of good weight and I would like to say I was a fit chap.

Due to the usual stresses of life, love and all those things, I found myself picking up a lot of weight. To be exact over a ten year period my weight went from 85kg up to 131kg.

After a considerable amount of hard work and personal focus I was able to push my weight down to 92kg. With time and even more effort and good diet I pushed my weight down to 82kg. Little did I know at the time but the cancer was the driving force that made me lose 10kg in just under two weeks (92kg-82kg).

After years of suffering from hot sweats and months of prolonged coughing, vomiting and disorientation; I was diagnosed with a large and advanced cancerous growth on my kidney. Thankfully this was removed in June 2014, along with the adjoining lymph glands.

Unfortunately in November 2014, I had that horrible all-over sick feeling yet again and I feared the worst. After further tests I was diagnosed with a secondary cancer in my right lung. As of March 2015 my body gave me the very clear indication that I was ill yet again. Well, unfortunately my body was not telling me lies; I had in fact developed a cancer in my left lung.

At this point I feel the need to focus my comments on the very people who acted so swiftly and professional once my cancers were diagnosed. I struggle to find the words to adequately express my gratitude for the professional manner and individual care I have received during my fight with cancer. There are so many wonderful doctors, surgeons, nurses and carers that have touched my life during my journey with cancer and the wonderful care I have received. In my humble opinion the health care system needs money to operate, but as far as I can see hospitals run on love; the love of the staff to care for those who cannot care for themselves and this is a gift of incalculable value. So to all the staff that have helped me get through this period of my life I wish to thank you.

I would very much like to believe that by publishing my story on Register4 other people will find hope and inspiration when cancer touches their lives, and more people will join us on Register 4 and raise awareness of this Forum and the need for more research to cure cancer.