I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Level 3 Breast Cancer on the 8 October 2010. My world fell apart and I thought my mind might go “ta tars” as the Aussie saying goes.  My story is probably very similar to previous stories. The fear and doubt, the massive amount of change that needs to be dealt with and become your new life, and moving forward with all of this. Three years later I am still here, recovering from my final stage of reconstructive surgery. I am such a different person now. Externally, I have had a total ‘makeover’ (for the best). I think I finally understand the meaning of life and am trying very hard not to waste any of it. Time is very precious. We never know how much we will have. Do those things that you have been meaning to do, if you can. Create memories for your family and friends. These are the best things to leave behind as a remembrance of your life.

During the last three years, I discovered that writing short stories and poetry was a wonderful way to deal with my ‘new life’. I honestly think that it has been the one thing that has ‘saved my sanity’ during this time on many occasions. My writing and poetry has been well received and I think I have discovered a ‘new talent’ albeit a little late in life. This is something else I can leave behind, as my mark on the world and something tangible for my family to have, forever.

I joined Register4 with the hope of being able to help with research by being in trials that I may be suitable for. I would encourage people to join with this in mind.  The more people available for trials or research the quicker we may find better ways of treatment or even a cure, for breast cancer.

Just Remember, life is still what YOU make it.  The choice is yours.