In 2010 at the age of 63 I completed a bowel kit test and my GP advised me that the test had returned a positive result and referred me to a surgeon. The surgeon performed a colonoscopy which showed a tumour in my lower bowel. Surgery was performed 2 weeks later successfully removing the tumour which had escaped the bowel and infected the lymph nodes which were also removed. Surgery was followed by six months of chemotherapy using a porta catheter administered by the Oncology Clinic in Port Macquarie. Regular visits to my surgeon and oncologist are now annual with clear results so far in year 4. As a result of check-ups by the oncologist it was discovered last year that I have follicular lymphoma which is being monitored by my haematologist. I want to pass the message onto you that having the bowel kit test in 2010 has effectively saved my life. I also want to thank all the medical professionals, nurses and support staff for their excellent attention, and they are located here in Port Macquarie.

I signed up to Register4 in order to help in any way I can to speed up research to find a cure for cancer.