Member Stories

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Clive, NSW

Clive first introduced himself to the Register4 Team in late 2015 when he sent us a moving story about his physical and emotional 'dance' with cancer. His wish is that his story might give hope and inspiration to others touched by cancer

Hynda, VIC

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Hynda thinks of herself as a good example of how medical research into the early diagnosis and detection of breast cancer can save lives, and it is this message that she wants to share with others.

Heather, NSW

I was called back to BreastScreen in 2008 and after another mammogram and biopsy I was diagnosed with breast cancer ... In September 2009 I began to have shoulder pain and when I saw the surgeon for a regular check up I mentioned it. He said "breast cancer loves bones" ... When I was called back to my GP he told me the bad news, I had a tumour on my spine.

Fae, VIC

I was referred to an OBGYN toward the end of 2011 to check a small growth. I was told it was "nothing to be concerned about, nothing sinister."... A few days later the oncologist called me in for another appointment where I was told I had vulva cancer. He told me this was a huge cancer and I would need radical surgery.

Lyn, QLD

I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer at age 44 ... After one mastectomy, the conserved breast eventually developed three new cancers ... I was a registered nurse and thought I would be capable of standing up for myself but with the diagnosis, I was just another woman with breast cancer... I joined Register4 to join the community to support cancer research. With every person that joins we can really make a contribution to helping our cancer researchers fast-track cancer research

Dennis, NSW

In 2010 my wife received a free bowel kit from the National Bowel Screening Programme which prompted her to insist that I get one ... a couple of weeks later I was advised the test had returned a positive result ... I must thank all the medical professionals, nurses and support staff for their excellent attention.

Christina, VIC

When I was 19 just turning 20 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I began chemotherapy in March but got very depressed and stopped having my treatment ... When I was 23, I was offficially diagnosed with premature menopause due to the radiation therapy I had ... I joined the register to particpate in any research programs that I might be eligible for. I think that something positive should be able to come from the ill health and experience that I have gone through

Cheryle, NSW

My mother died from secondary breast cancer when she was 42 years old. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984 when I was 26 years old. Since then, I have been on a long and complicated treatment journey. The cancer was subsequently found in my other breast and in 2011 a P.E.T scan revealed it had spread to the bone, lung and a few others areas. Having since undergone treatment which included chemotherapy, I am delighted that there is no more evidence of the disease, my tumour markers have remained below my normal level now for 9 months and I feel wonderful. As a mother and now a proud grandmother, I was very keen to join Register4. I don’t want my daughter, grand daughter or any of my family to ever have this disease.

Christine, QLD

I was dignosed with Stage 3 Level 3 breast cancer in October 2010... My story is probably very similar to previous stories. The fear and doubt, the massive amount of change that needs to be dealt with and become your new life, and moving forward with all of this ... I joined Register4 with the hope of being able to help with research by being in trials that I may be suitable for. The more people available for trials or research the quicker we may find better ways of treatment or even a cure.

Dianne, ACT

I’m a breast cancer survivor with a family history of breast cancer. My maternal grandmother, a maternal aunty and both my sisters also survived breast cancer.

I joined Register4 to make my details available for any future research that may lead to prevention or better cures.

I would encourage all women to join as everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer.