Thank you for helping us spread the word. By sending a message to your friends and family about Register4, you are helping us to fast-track cancer research.

Please note that we do not record any of your details or your friend's details that you enter on this page. This form is simply for forwarding details about Register4 directly to your friend.


Dear friend's name,

Your name (your email) has sent this email to you via the Register4 website. Your name would like to invite you to join Register4, an initiative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Register4 is an online community of people who are interested in participating in cancer research. Our main goal is to facilitate and accelerate cancer research by connecting a large pool of willing participants to cancer researchers.

Register4 is open to anyone aged 18 and over. You do not need to have had cancer to become a member. We will send you emails about approved research projects and you can choose whether you would like to consider participating.

For more information about Register4, and to become a member, visit

Thank you for your consideration,

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