There are so many people who believe in what we’re doing here at Register4. Thanks to all for your support, guidance and the time you’ve devoted to helping us spread the word about Register4. We really appreciate it.

Sarah Murdoch  Governor General cropped

  Sarah Murdoch - Register4 Ambassador  

Dr Cindy Pan

Women's Advisory Network

Chaired by Sarah Murdoch, this dedicated network of women is helping us reach our goal of one million members by spreading the word about Register4 through their individual networks.



Sarah Murdoch is a passionate supporter of Register4 and the Chair of the Register4 Women's Advisory Network. Sarah's continued commitment and energy is greatly appreciated.


Researcher  ambassadors

A big thank you to our Research Ambassadors who work tirelessly to help find more answers to breast cancer and they also play a significant role get the word out there about Register4.

Register4 Women's Advisory Network


Register4 Women's Advisory Network


Register4 Women's Advisory Network