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We all live life in our own unique way. We have our own physical characteristics, our own experiences. What if there was something about you that could answer the big questions about cancer?

Every woman and man who joins takes us one step closer to fast-tracking cancer research, every person who spreads the word helps boost our membership to deliver greater health benefits from cancer research. In fact, there are a lot of ways you can get involved with the work we’re doing here at Register4:

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Get Involved as an individual

 Join Register4 to find out about research projects looking for volunteers, or help us spread the word  to your friends and family.

Get involved as an organisation

Help us spread the word about Register4 through your staff and networks, or become a formal Communications Partner for Register4.

Get involved as a researcher


Use Register4 to recruit volunteers for your research projects or to access our database of baseline epidemiological data.