Being accountable to our members and researchers is vitally important to us and, as such, we have many layers of governance looking after the various aspects of our work.

Register4 was established with seed funding by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), whose Board of Directors have the overall responsibility for overseeing our operations. Visit the NBCF website to find out more about the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Additionally, there are Committees and Advisory Groups who have been integral to Register4's establishment, success and ongoing development. Members of these Committees and Groups kindly donate their time and expertise to Register4, and we are extremely grateful for their involvement. You can find out more about each of the groups and what they do by clicking "Find out more".


This Committee is responsible for supporting the effective implementation and development of Register4, and reports to the NBCF Board of Directors.


Advisory Group 

As the name suggest, this Group provides guidance and advice to Register4 and the Sub-Committee on matters related to their individual expertise.


Access Committee

This Committee oversees the researchers’ applications and the ‘access’ process to Register4 members. Their main role is to safeguard the interests of our members.


Community Reference Group

This very important Group ensures that Register4 reflects the needs, interests and views of the community.


Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire Design Advisory Group

This Group is responsible for designing Health and Lifestyle Questionnaires that will most benefit the wider research community.