Becoming a Register4 member

When you become a member of Register4, you will be asked to provide some information about yourself. This includes your name, contact details, gender and date of birth. Be assured that by signing up you are only agreeing to receive emails from Register4. We will only email you about opportunities to participate in research projects, and about Register4 information, newsletters and surveys. You can register at the Join Register4 page.

How do cancer researchers gain access to the Register4 resource?

Researchers can submit their application to access the Register4 resource. Register4 has an independent Access Committee appointed by the NBCF. All research projects undergo a rigorous screening process by this Access Committee, including ensuring approval by an external ethics committee and scientific peer review. When a project is approved, we’ll include it on our website on the Current Projects page and we will also email you to ask if you’d like to take part. The types and frequency of research projects can vary. They may involve answering a survey, keeping a journal, or giving a hair sample, and it is always your choice to participate. Of course, the more people to do so, the more data we will have to accurately reflect Australia’s diverse community.

How do I express interest in participating in a research project? 

You can get more information about a project in three ways:

  • When a new project is available, Register4 will send members an invitation email. 
  • You can find projects that are recruiting volunteers on the Register4 Current Projects page.  After you have read more about the project click on "Yes, I'm interested" at the bottom of the project page and follow the prompts to receive a project invitation email.
  • You can call us on 1300 709 485 . We can help you through the process. Register4 is an online register, so have your email address ready.

Contribute data to the Register4 resource

Our epidemiologists and cancer researchers develop surveys to collect data that may be relevant to many researchers. We add this to the resource and make it available to researchers who have an approved project. This can save cancer researchers even more time, because the data is ready for them to be analysed.

We are currently updating the data-resource area of the website for release in 2017.

Minipolls and Membership Experience Surveys

We may email you to ask your thoughts on cancer research related topics. These may include questions on the type of cancer research you would consider participating in, or the type of research topics you would like to see on the research agenda. At all times your responses to the mini-polls are confidential. De-identified results of the polls will be published on the Register4 website for the benefit for all. 

We may also contact some members from time to time to ask about their experience with a project that they have expressed interest in. We would like your feedback to help us to improve the Register4 member experience.

Keeping you informed

We will post updates on the Register4 website. This includes the progress of Register4 projects, news from cancer researchers and updates for the Register4 community.

If you do take part in a Register4 research project, we’ll advise you of the results as soon as the researcher is able to release the information. This takes some time, as compiling research results is a painstaking process.

Join Register4 online today, or check out our FAQs if you’d like to find out more.