Welcome to our first newsletter for 2015, a lot has benn happening at Register4 this year.



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Dear Register4 member,
Welcome to our first newsletter for 2015 – a lot has been happening at
Register4 this year.


Did you know?
Register4 is open to all cancers

Register4 is open to all cancers
If you are new member check out our current research projects
to see if there is a project suitable for you.

Register4 membership  is now at 52,296

Register4 membership is now at 52,296.

The number of participants for the Lifepool project is 2,419

The number of participants for the Lifepool project
is 2,419 – You can still participate here.

BreastScreen SA

6,010 people signed up to Register4 after hearing about the
register through BreastScreen SA.

BreastScreen SA
BreastScreen SA

Register4 is very pleased to announce that, with the help of a new partnership with BreastScreen SA, the Register 4 community has grown to over 50,000 members. More than 6,000 BreastScreen SA clients have joined the Register4 community after receiving a letter from their local BreastScreen.

“BreastScreen SA is very excited about assisting NBCF with their Register4 Initiative. Our regular screening clients are usually women who care about their health, wellbeing and taking a proactive step in the fight against breast cancer. By informing them about Register4, it gives those interested an opportunity to make an active contribution to cancer research as well.” Jane Burden, General Manager, BSSA.

To find out more about your local BreastScreen services call 13 20 50.

Spotlight on a Researcher – Jane Ussher
Professor Jane Ussher

Jane Ussher is Professor of Women’s Health Psychology at the University of Western Sydney. Her research focuses on examining gendered factors underlying mental health problems, subjectivity in relation to the reproductive body and sexuality, and the gendered experience of cancer and cancer care. As a trained clinical psychologist, she has also made a contribution to the integration of research and clinical practice in women’s health, and has developed a women centred psychological treatment for premenstrual distress (PMS), as well as psycho-educational interventions in the field of cancer care, addressing sexual changes after cancer, fertility concerns, and the needs of cancer carers.

Professor Ussher is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, editor of the Routledge Women and Psychology book series, and has published over 180 peer reviewed journal articles, chapters and reports, as well as 10 books. She has received research funding from the ESRC & NHS (UK), ARC, PCFA, NSW Cancer Council, NBCF, CanTeen, and Family Planning NSW, amongst others.

She is on the editorial board of several journals, including Counselling Psychology Quarterly, Psychology Health and Medicine, Psychology Review, Psychology Evolution and Gender, British Journal of Clinical Psychology, Social Theory and Health, Psychology and Sexuality, and Contemporary Social Science.

Professor Ussher is currently recruiting for a project through Register4.

Project name: The construction and experience of fertility in the context of cancer: patient, partner and health professional perspectives.

Project description: Advances in the efficacy of treatments for cancer have resulted in an increased number of long term survivors, leading to recognition that cancer and its treatment has a significant effect on the quality of life of people with cancer and their family members, in particular their intimate partner. Fertility is an important aspect of quality of life, as well as identity, and there is growing evidence that changes to fertility can be the most difficult long term effect of cancer diagnosis and treatment. However, fertility is rarely addressed by health professionals, and remains largely invisible within cancer policy and practice guidelines. Current research about fertility post-cancer is also restricted by the focus on a limited range of cancer types and age groups, negation of socio-cultural context, and blindness to the experiences of partners. This interdisciplinary project extends examines the experience and constructed meaning of fertility post-cancer from the perspective of people with cancer, their partners, and health professionals, using questionnaires and interviews. Based on these findings, programs of psycho-educational information about fertility and cancer will be developed and evaluated, comparing self-help and professionally delivered modalities. The project is conducted within the Centre for Health Research at UWS, in partnership with National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), Cancer Council New South Wales (CCNSW), CanTeen, Westmead Hospital, (Centre for Gynaecological Cancer), Sydney West Cancer Network Psycho-oncology Service (SWCNPS), and Family Planning New South Wales (FPNSW). It is funded by an Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant.

To find out more, or to participate in this research study click here.

Mother’s Day Classic
Mother's Day Classic

How will you spend Mother’s Day this year?
Join us at the Mother’s Day Classic, a walk or run that celebrates the lives of those affected by breast cancer and raises money for National Breast Cancer Foundation funded research. It takes place on Mother’s Day every year, which this year is Sunday 10th May, and is held in numerous locations across Australia. Register to walk or run at an event near you by going to mothersdayclassic.com.au. Get in before Wed 8th April to secure your early bird registration. Remember, it doesn't matter how you walk or run, it just matters why!

Projects still recruiting

Are you a woman 18 – 25 living in Victoria? We need your help if you HAVE NOT received the HPV (often called the cervical cancer) vaccine. Click here for more information.


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