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Register4 cancer research update November 2015

Dear Register4 member,

By volunteering to participate in cancer research projects, you are helping researchers spend less time and money finding participants for their studies, and more time on accelerating cancer research.

In this issue: Focus on Precision Health


What is Precision Health and why is it important?

Currently, healthcare provision is focused on diagnosing and treating illness, and is mainly a one-size-fits-all approach based on the disease. Precision medicine takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle, enabling individualised treatment for each person.

As a new area of research, precision health aims to prevent disease from occurring in the first place. Precision health takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle to provide individualised health care to prevent disease, based upon a person's predicted risk of disease.

This shifts the focus from treating an illness that has already occurred to prevention of that illness. By doing so, this field of research may be able to delay, or prevent altogether, the development of certain diseases. It has the potential to change the way in which we view health care and how it is delivered.

Precision health utilises vast quantities of data from health and medical records, genomic sequencing, health and lifestyle questionnaires, disease registries and other data sources. The data is used to develop better ways of predicting an individual's risk for specific diseases and also for approaches to early detection and prevention.

A few of the world's leading research groups are now conducting precision health research into diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological conditions and other diseases.

How Register4 members are helping to fast-track the Australian Breakthrough Cancer Study

The Australian Breakthrough Cancer (ABC) study is a cohort study with more than 10,000 participants recruited so far. The main aim of the study is to determine the individual variability that contributes to the development of cancer and to use this information for individualised health care. The researchers will conduct precision health research using extensive genetic and lifestyle data collected from participants. They will use the data to predict an individual's risk of cancer with the goal being to prevent cancer in the general population. The researchers will be investigating a number of different types of cancer and will also use the data to investigate the causes and prevention of other diseases.

The ABC study is led by Professor Graham Giles, who is Director of the Cancer Epidemiology and Intelligence Division within Cancer Council Victoria.

Now, in partnership with Register4, the ABC study is inviting men and women from across Australia to join the project.

The target for this study is 50,000 people, so there is still a way to go. Professor Giles and the ABC study investigators are asking for your help to reach their target. If you are a man or woman aged between 40 and 75 years old, and have not had a diagnosis of cancer, you are eligible to participate in this project. Those who have been diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer can also participate.

If you would like to learn more about the ABC study, or express interest in participating, click here.


Meet Hynda - A breast cancer survivor and member of Register4

Hynda Feldman is an industrial chemist by profession so has always had an interest in medical issues. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Hynda thinks of herself as a good example of how medical research into the early diagnosis and detection of breast cancer can save lives, and it is this message that she wants to share with others.

"Without medical research, I probably would not have been diagnosed for at least five years when a probable lump would have been found", says Hynda "If that was the case, my journey would have been quite a different path - of this I am certain".

With breast cancer being the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Australia (excluding non-melanoma) and with 1 in 8 women diagnosed in their lifetime, research is crucial in developing better therapies, greater understanding of possible ways to stop the spread of the disease together areas and improved quality of life for patients and their families.

How did you get involved with Register4

Hynda first heard of Register4 when she attended a seminar for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

'One researcher said that by joining Register 4 and researchers having access to those people, she was able to cut the time down for finding suitable applicants from one year to less than a week! To me, this was huge, because time is money, and researchers can get more for their money if the search for suitable candidates is reduced significantly'.

Hynda also liked the fact that it was free to join Register4 and found it reassuring to know that it was a personal choice to take part in research projects and that she didn't have to participate in everything she was eligible for.

Hynda has participated in a few Register4 research projects; mostly psychological research since her mastectomy. She has found it interesting and hopes that her contribution has not only helped fast track research, but ultimately will find a cure for breast cancer.



Register4 Mini-Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the Mini-Survey. Almost 8,500 Register4 members participated!

We appreciate your input and suggestions and we are working to collate the data. We will publish the key findings from this survey on the Register4 website and include a link to this in our next newsletter.


From the Register4 Team

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If you would like to contact us, you can reach us at info@register4.org.au or phone 1300 709 485

The Register4 team thanks you for taking an active role in cancer research. We look forward to bringing you more research projects so that together we can help reduce the burden of cancer.

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Keep your eyes out for the Wearable Technology Focus Group Project. The aim of this feasibility study is to determine which wearable technology activity monitor (e.g.Fitbit Flex, JawboneTM UP24) is the most acceptable to, and likely to be adopted by, breast cancer survivors. The study will use qualitative methods to elicit consumer opinions and preferences.

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